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We set out with a mission when we started American Fire Apparel in 2014. That mission was and is to create a space for fire athletes to find distinct apparel that sets them apart from the competition, as much as their own passion and fire for life does. Part of that mission involves fostering a spirit of excellence in all that we do. That excellence translates itself into giving back our community. We support the fire community by donating to charities which include Terry Farrell Fund, Prescott Wildland Firefighters, 911 fundraisers, and others. But keep in mind that just because we are deeply entrenched in the fire athlete community, it doesn’t mean we don’t show some love to our brothers...

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Welcome To American Fire Apparel | Our Reviews

Welcome to the first of many American Fire Apparel posts that are made for you, our people, our community. Since 2014, we’ve been designing unique and modern firefighter apparel for men and women, gifts for military men and veteran clothing, along with police tees and other tactical apparel. We started this brand because we wanted to provide our community with high-quality, bad A gear that reflects the dedication, drive, and passion of those in the fire, law enforcement, and military fields. AFA has a passion for inspiring those in our community, which includes the likes of the athletic firefighter. We’ve created a brand that honors the physical and mental fortitude and perseverance it takes to be a master of your...

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