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Welcome To American Fire Apparel | Our Reviews

Welcome to the first of many American Fire Apparel posts that are made for you, our people, our community. Since 2014, we’ve been designing unique and modern firefighter apparel for men and women, gifts for military men and veteran clothing, along with police tees and other tactical apparel. We started this brand because we wanted to provide our community with high-quality, bad A gear that reflects the dedication, drive, and passion of those in the fire, law enforcement, and military fields.

AFA has a passion for inspiring those in our community, which includes the likes of the athletic firefighter. We’ve created a brand that honors the physical and mental fortitude and perseverance it takes to be a master of your craft. We believe that physical fitness is a vital component of a firefighter’s success, and our fire fighting clothing reflects that sentiment. So if you or someone you love is a dedicated public servant like we’ve described above, it’s time to let people know what you stand for.

Hear It From The Community

But we don’t think you should just have to take our word for the high-quality apparel for firefighter athletes that we’ve got available for great prices. That’s why today’s post, in addition to acquainting you with our unique fire fighting clothing brand, is dedicated to highlighting what our community members are saying about our police apparel and the like. So if you are interested in reading some testimonials from our customers, both past and present, this one is for you, so read on!

“Can’t Wait To Order Again!”

“Shirt fits great! I was so excited to get it I threw it on as soon as it came in and went shooting with some friends. Can't wait to tell everyone about this company and can't wait to order again!!” - Dylan M, Five Stars

Thanks for taking the time to leave us your input, Dylan. These days, it seems like there are a hundred or so negative review for every positive one, especially when it comes to service based industries. Although we aren’t a restaurant, we are in the business of satisfying our customers, so it makes us proud when we hear glowing reviews like Dylan’s. Be like Dylan and get yourself some great looking firefighter apparel this summer!

“I am a retired State Police Officer in TEXAS. Every year for the past 4 years I have participated in the San Antonio 110 climb which is a Memorial Climb to Honor the 343 Firefighters lost at The World Trade Center on 09112001. This event has expanded to include a Memorial for the Law Enforcement Officers lost (70) and the EMS/EMT (9). This shirt is representative of my dedication to the event at 65 years old. We climb 126 floors which is twice up the TOWER OF THE AMERICAS. On 09/11/2016 I will wear this AFA shirt with my KILT and will climb alongside up to 100 participants, Firefighter's in Turnouts and SCBA, Law Enforcement is Uniform with full equipment and body armor and US Military in full Uniform with field gear and weapons. There will be more great photos at the invite. I invite you to send a representative.” - Joseph (Tim) Reilly, Five Stars

Joseph, we greatly appreciate your purchase of the shirt which represents so much to you and many others of us within the firefighter community. Being able to honor our fallen brothers and sisters is an important part of what it means to be a firefighter, and that is exactly what this shirt has done for Joseph. Although we may have missed the opportunity to participate in the San Antonio 110 Climb, perhaps next time we’ll be able to make it out there! Thanks for your kind words, Joseph.

“Recommend 100%”

“I bought this for my husband for his birthday and he loves it! He wears it all the time and says the design is awesome and it fits perfectly with comfortable shirt texture. Also- shipping was great! Recommend 100%!” - Jessica H, Five Stars

Jessica, thanks for not only your purchase, but for letting us know what you think of our company. We would say thank you even if your words were more on the “constructive criticism” side of things, but we won’t complain if you and your husband are thrilled with his birthday present!

Speaking of gifts for firefighters, American Fire Apparel is a great resource for people to find gifts for veterans, gifts for military men, and even gift ideas for police officers. It’s a great way to show him you care by giving him a present he can show off to his buds. Whether you is looking for military style shirts, police graduation gifts, or something else, shop AFA for our great prices and unique apparel. Oh, and we would also like to point out that we have awesome firefighter apparel for women, too

“Lettering and logo were just as it appears in the picture. AWESOME PURCHASE!”

“Ordering was easy! It didn't take "too" long to get but I'm very impatient. It has a slim fit which I like material feels good. Lettering and logo were just as it appears in the picture. AWESOME PURCHASE!” - Kevin J. Five Stars

You will notice that our clothing tends to be slightly more on the slim side of things, so make sure you consider that when you are deciding on which size to order you or the fireman in your life. As Kevin noted in his review, we make a point to make every aspect of your purchase as straightforward and efficient as possible. We are sure our customers can respect efficiency, so that’s why from the browsing and shopping to the moment your fire or military style shirt arrives at your front door, you won’t be disappointed with our process. You get what you wanted at AFA, from the lettering and logo specifications to the promised shipping date, we go about our business the right way, just like our customers.

“I found your website and bought this shirt, and my husband really liked it.  He's been a career firefighter for 23 years and we both enjoy seeing new companies that are by firefighters for firefighters.. Thanks, Kim.” - Kim L. Five Stars

Kim, like so many of our customers, was shopping for the firefighter in her life, who happens to be her husband. Thanks for taking the time to tell us how you experience was, Kim. We really appreciate positive reviews, because the normal instinct for satisfied customers is to move on with their lives. But when we get these glowing reviews it tells us we are doing something right, and encourages us to keep up the good work! We are thrilled to be a part of the firefighter athlete, military, and law enforcement communities.

Shop American Fire Apparel

So you’ve heard from just a few of our customers, and from their great experiences it is easy to understand that we’ve got something special going on here at American Fire Apparel. Whether you are looking for a firefighter style “AFA” Logo Beanie, a sick AFA Flag 2- Black Print T Shirt, or an in-your-face Men’s Military Shirt, you are going to like what you see. We are all about motivating our community members with a powerful, steadfast lifestyle so that we can better ourselves to serve our communities. Get involved with a growing movement, and look great while you are at it.