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Brute Force was developed with the goal to improve functional training and take it to a whole new level with innovative sandbags and functional training equipment.> 

Battle tested from the Box to the front lines of the US Military, our gear is as tough as it sounds. Brute Force started in a garage in North Denver in 2012 with a sewing machine and some material. Born from necessity, the inventor, a Mixed Martial Arts competitor and competitive CrossFit athlete with just enough money to live, needed better training he created his own. A big believer in Unstable Load Training (training with shifting weight like water or sand) he started by developing his own line of sandbags.

Within a year, Brute Force sandbags began to spread like wildfire through CrossFit. By 2013, the bags had made enough noise that the US Military, specifically the US Navy, came calling. The order put Brute Force over $850,000 in sales that year and instantly positioned the company as an industry leader.

Since then, Brute Force has grown steadily and now serves heroes (Military, Police and Fire), athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide with a growing line of functional training gear. 


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In 2010 Matt Hinkle set out to create a YouTube channel dedicated to training firefighters.  This channel increased in popularity and made training videos accessible to anyone with internet access.  After seeing a large interest in training videos and social media training resources the former YouTube channel MS Fire Net expanded into a full scale training company called Box Alarm Training LLC.

Box Alarm Training now has the ability to deliver courses to firefighters at their own departments. Our primary focus is to share the lost tips and techniques of the fire service.  For over a year we have been developing our featured course, Advanced Forcible Entry.  This course provides firefighters with a very in depth look at forcible entry techniques and skills.  We now will have the ability to bring state of the art training props and equipment to your location and deliver our courses.

We are very excited about delivering training courses and hope to see you at one of our events. In the meantime: Train Like You Fight and Fight Like You Train.

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BlastMask Training Regulators attach to your facepiece and simulate real-world SCBA breathing without draining your tanks, so you can train like it’s real.

More than 50% of line-of-duty deaths and 30% of firefighter injuries can be attributed to stress, overexertion and a general lack of fitness. BlastMask enables you to conduct multiple training and fitness exercises (with and without SCBA packs) that can dramatically improve your tactical preparedness. BlastMask training regulators are constructed from a durable thermoplastic polymer resin that’s processed for high-impact resistance and strength typical of football and motorcycle helmets.

BlastMask training regulators are constructed from a durable thermoplastic polymer resin that’s processed for high-impact resistance and strength typical of football and motorcycle helmets.

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The Blue Cell, LLC is a by design planning company with a primary focus on education and training for government at all levels, non governmental agencies and private sector entities engaged in incident and emergency management activities. Secondary initiatives at the company include exercise design and facilitation and planning services. Blue Cell personnel are also available to support planning related operations on real world events. The Blue Cell, LLC has over 1000 customers from its varied interests in 43 States,  The District of Columbia and Canada.

The Blue Cell

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With American Fire Apparel partners that include The Blue Cell, BlastMask, Box Alarm Training, Brute Force, and Cullucor Public Safety, it’s safe to say we at AFA are firmly entrenched within our firefighting, military, and law enforcement community. It’s our mission to go above and beyond the call of duty in all that we do, from the quality of our fire apparel to our passion to giving back to our community through outreach and support. We say this not to brag, but so you know what kind of firefighter apparel company you are buying from. So whether you are shopping for ex-police clothing , ex-military clothing, or maybe a fireman shirt for yourself, you can shop confidently knowing we are on the same team.